Uplifting storytime

 Some of the best stories and subsequent discussions come  while we read during  snack and lunch.  On this day we were reading one of the Jataka Tales.  These are stories from India that relate qualities pleasant and unpleasant with animals as the main characters.  Each story has a high-minded theme and yet is ‘acted out’  by animals, an easy inspiration for this age child.  One story we love to read and act out is about the ‘Braggy Peacock’  when a peacock shows himself to be only thinking about himself, and how he appears to his friends the other birds.  This shows the children, in a way that is easier for them to understand, the danger of not having friends if they only think about themselves.  Another favorite story, that shows the value of good social skills is,  ‘How does a Dinosaur say Goodnight’.  The children laugh as the dinosaur goes thru many stalling techniques for not going to bed.   Laughing at how it looks when a dinosaur does what they may do at times.  Stories like this offer a safe way to look at behavior that they recognize and allows them the chance to evaluate and change it as they laugh at the same time.

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